Meet Your Music Teacher:       General Music Overview:

Birthday: May 22nd

Favorite Color: purple

Hobbies: composing, exercising, tennis, basketball

Favorite Classical Composers: Vaughan Williams & Brahms

Favorite Modern Composer: David Foster

Favorite Pop Band: Chicago

Favorite Pop Singer: Peter Cetera

Education: B.S. in Music Education with an emphasis in voice from Lebanon Valley College.

Favorite Football Team-Minnesota Vikings

All kindergarten through fifth grade students participate in vocal music class for sixty minutes.  Fifth graders meet for chorus once a week (Tuesday), beginning the first week of school.  The chorus period lasts for thirty minutes.  Fourth graders meet for chorus once a week (Tuesday), beginning the second week of January.  Their chorus period also lasts for thirty minutes.

During scheduled general music classes, students are guided in learning to listen to music with appreciation and discrimination.  They learn to match pitches and sing with correct vocal techniques.  Movement activities are utilized in the general music classroom to help develop our children's large motor coordination skills.  Playing of classroom rhythm instruments assists our children to think, create, echo, read notation, and improvise.  Additionally, students reinforce their musical knowledge through computer-assisted instruction, both in the general music classroom as well as in the computer lab.

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